Are You Ready to Fast Track Your Business Growth?

Introducing the Big Thinking Business Webinar Series

We always get people asking us for more great value after our live forums and we have had many requests to help businesses with some specific topics that matter to them right now.

So we have created a powerful and valuable webinar series with the top 4 most requested topics: Facebook, Linkedin, Crowdfunding and Artificial Intelligence.

The webinar series consists of 4 weekly online live trainings presented by specialists in their field to help give you in-depth and specific help to fast track your business growth.

In 2017 we ran the following online training sessions:

  • How to Use Facebook to Get Real Business Results
  • How to Tap Into Linkedin as a Business Marketing Tool
  • How to Raise Capital to Grow Your Business Using Crowdfunding
  • How to Better Understand and Be Less Fearful about Artificial Intelligence

It’s still a good time to learn. Download and keep all the 2017 recordings in our Replay Pack for just $97+GST. Click here to order your digital copies

or read on to see what’s in store.


How to Use Facebook to Get Real Business Results

Live Training: Tuesday 10th October at 1pm

Kim-Baird-Amazing-BusinessConfused about how to actually get Facebook to generate you more business?  Want to ramp up the results you are already getting with Facebook?

Then join us for this powerful and value packed session with Business and Marketing specialist, Kim Baird.  Kim has been in the IT and web industry for 17 years and has a wealth of experience in digital marketing for New Zealand businesses.

She stays clear of all the fluffy theory that is thrown around and is only interested in teaching businesses what gets real results in the real world and that is working right NOW, because the social media and digital marketing industry is constantly changing and what was working a year ago isn’t working now.

Come learn how to use Facebook to generate real results and gain clients for your business.


How to Tap Into Linkedin as a Business Marketing Tool

Live Training: Tuesday 17th October at 1pm

A how-to on meaningful connections and identifying your ideal customers through strategic networking and paid advertising on LinkedIn.

Creating valuable content in a smart, targeted way helps to hone in on your ideal target audience and to reach the right people.

Your presenter is Hailey Roger from Energise.  Hailey’s work in digital content development, event management and brand awareness combine to generate strong social media initiatives. Her strengths are in the development and execution of social media awareness and online content strategy.

With a background in social media and marketing for a number of brands such as What the Fat? book, Loop restaurant and The Fairy Shop, she understands it isn’t just about ‘likes’, but about engagement, presence, brand management and slick execution.

If you want to leverage off your Linkedin profile and get it working for you instead of just sitting there collecting dust, come learn from Hailey during this webinar session.


How to Raise Capital to Grow Your Business Using Crowdfunding

Live Training: Tuesday 24th October at 1pm

Crowdfunding is the practice of funding a business, project or venture by raising money from a large number of people.  It is a great alternative way to raise funds to get a project or entire business off the ground without having to secure a venture capitalist or bootstrapping it to get it up and running.

This is a great way to fast track your business growth and get massive forward momentum.  Come learn about how crowdfunding could help grow your business and take it to the next level.

If you need more funds to get a product, project or business off the ground then come learn about how crowdfunding could help you make it happen.


How to Better Understand and Be Less Fearful about Artificial Intelligence

Live Training: Tuesday 31st October at 1pm

Artificial Intelligence is a growing concern for many businesses.  There is so much uncertainty about the future and what business will look like with the growing influence and the continued addition of artificial intelligence into the world.

Here’s what Steven Skoczen is going to cover in this session:

  • Demystify this scary thing called AI. AI is just the next stage of ‘smart’ technology
  • Use these smart systems to free up your time from the boring repetitive tasks that prevent you from doing more productive things
  • How it can help your staff be more motivated and engaged

Steven Skoczen is an entrepreneur, writer, and programmer. His clients have included Nike, Coca-Cola, and Honda. He’s also founded a handful of companies, and survived a couple of tech bubbles and bursts along the way.

He’s currently building an open-source, personal Artificial Intelligence platform called Will, drawn from a decade of creating bots that automated company processes.  He’s deeply interested in the intersection of artificial intelligence, enterprise, and culture – and what the future will hold.

Join Steven for this session to find out about how artificial intelligence can be used to grow and enhance your business.


The training webinars are done online.  Which means you don’t need to go anywhere to get this valuable and powerful information.  No Auckland traffic to battle, no parking worries, no rushing to get across town on time!  You can watch them on your computer over your internet connection in the comfort of your office or home.  You will still be part of the action though and will be able to ask questions as part of the trainings. 


By registering below you get access to ALL four of the trainings.  Put the dates in your calendar now so you don’t miss them and register your place to sign up.




If for some reason you can’t attend the live training webinars we have set up a special link where you can register for the recordings. You can sign up here for the ‘Replay Pack’ and get all 4 training replays sent to you after they happen for the minuscule sum of NZ$97 + gst.