Need help to fast track your business growth?

Here you will find a directory of the “Big Thinking Business Stars.”  All the businesses in this directory are in NZ and doing an amazing job at providing quality products and services to NZ and the world.  Check them out and support them.

Ann Andrews CSP

Ann Andrews CSP is a seriously inspirational entrepreneur who spent 30+ years encouraging organisations and individuals to learn, unlearn and relearn so they could face any change and any challenge likely to hit their lives or their business.

Ann’s early experience in the military exposed her to astounding leadership skills and an unusual way of working she still believes is the way businesses should function.

An HR specialist of some 30 years standing Ann is a seasoned conference speaker.  She is regularly invited back to challenge people with her infectious humour and common sense tips.

One organsation has had her speak at their conference 5 years running!

Ann is a past National President of the National Speakers’ Association of New Zealand, and was the recipient of The Spirit of Excellence Award in 2000 and again in 2009, the highest award in the speaking profession. She is now a Life Member of NSANZ.

She has written four business books; co-authored a further 8 and recently sold her highly successful online training company

In 2016 Ann launched ‘Big Thinking Business Forums’ where 4 times a year she hosts an event designed to facilitate ‘thinking’ time for busy owners and managers. In a world where any business is just one ‘tweet’ away from disaster, making time to create a plan B is vital.
‘Ann Andrews is AWESOME! Whether you have an audience of bishops, business managers or bus drivers, she will connect, coach and inspire. That's why our attendees have demanded her back, year after year since 2003!’ 
 Craig Carlyle
Event Director, National Maintenance Engineering Conference
To book Ann as a speaker at your next conference or off-site energizer contact her.            

TOPICS: leadership; performance management; change management

0272 465 585
Amazing Business Limited | Andrew Baird

Andrew Baird is a Business Trainer, International Speaker and Best Selling International Author who has been involved in businesses since 1998, taking him from his home in Auckland through Australia and the US, including Wall Street in New York where he worked with start-ups during the DotCom Boom and Bust of 2000.

Growing businesses from nothing to millions in turnover and creating many profitable exits he loves helping business owners transform what’s possible for them.  From Baby Boomers getting ready to sell their business for the maximum price through to Gen Y’s struggling in their first business, Andrew loves getting stuck in and sharing what works from his personal experiences.

Investing in multiple start ups with his most successful now trading for over $500 million dollars he has a wealth of experience in starting small and growing businesses.  He has bought and sold, partnered and used licensing to rapidly grow his start ups.  An expert in online technologies his first three start ups were technology based companies.

Widely respected he has been featured locally and internationally on Radio, TV, Digital Media and many other media outlets from the National Business Review to Sky TV.

With a wealth of knowledge in business and his advanced strategies he can transform virtually any business.
09 889 3097
The Lifeworks Co Limited | Glen Sharkey

Glen Sharkey, has almost 30 years’ experience in training and developing people. He’s the current president of The National Speakers Association of New Zealand and is the author of several books, including “Fairly Common Tales” for emerging workplace leaders. His latest work, “The Art of Persuasive Influence” has a particular focus on equipping people to be more effective in ‘courageous conversations’.

He spends most of his time these days focussing on leadership development and is repeatedly asked back to train leaders and management for some of NZ’s largest companies including Downer, KiwiRail, and Carter Holt Harvey, helping people to relate better with each other to increase productivity and effectiveness.

As an award-winning educator, Glen Sharkey thrives on the challenge of transforming team culture by equipping and empowering individuals to behave and think more responsibly and proactively!
021 990 614
Rhema Media

Expanding networks to effectively reach the people of New Zealand - the Rhema Media is now the fourth largest radio station owner, and one of the four organisations that run about 90% of all radio stations in New Zealand

Broadcasting since 1978 - credibility and experience
Professional, efficient and helpful team, with a great attitude - our account managers will work alongside you to manage your campaign, to ensure success


Rhema Media is the biggest wholly private NZ owned network
Largest number of frequencies
Loyalty of audience
Word of mouth effect

Enjoy business growth, awareness and increased sales through:

Cost effective campaigns = we offer great deals, significant savings and excellent value for money
Our exclusive, dedicated audience (your potential customers) are very loyal and responsive to supporting businesses that advertise with us
Our unique and fresh niche audience gives you access to a new market audience that your product or service may not have reached before
We have three growing markets for you to target
Life FM (18 - 39 yrs)
Rhema (30 – 54 yrs)
Star (50+ yrs)
Shine (all ages)
This means you are not limited to a specific age group, you have access to all ages, and nationwide marketing to a growing audience
Your advertisements will stand out because we only play six minutes of advertising each hour
(09) 307 1251
Energise and Associates

Energise and Associates is marketing agency with expertise and experience covering the full spectrum of marketing activity.  We specialise in strategic consulting, market insights and digital marketing solutions. Our skilled marketing team is led by Rosina Webb, Founder and Marketing Director.  Rosina epitomises Energise. She’s the driving force that inspires individuals, teams and businesses to grow, compete and achieve.

Before establishing Energise Rosina held senior marketing roles in a wide range of organisations including Sky City, Westfield, Telecom, AUT, Auckland City Council and consultancies.

Her passion for motivating individuals, teams and businesses to grow, compete and achieve has made her a formidable facilitator and effective change manager. These are the skills that enable Rosina to deliver on her promise to energise and mobilise individuals, teams and businesses.

Elected as a Marketing Fellow and awarded Chartered Marketer status by the CIM United Kingdom in 2011, she holds a Diploma in Business (Marketing) and a Diploma in Teaching from the University of Auckland and is Course Director for the New Zealand Marketing Association’s Strategic Marketing Diploma programme. She is an elected Board Member of the NZ Marketing Association and a member of the University of Auckland Women’s Mentoring Programme.  She was previously the Elected Chair of the MA’s Northern Regional Committee and held an Executive Board position on the Newmarket Business Association.
021 703 859
Tom O’Neil

Tom O’Neil is a multi-award-winning speaker and best-selling international author, and has been featured more than 250 times in various media including the Harvard Business Review, the Economist, Daily Mail, TVNZ, TV3, Channel 7 (Aus), Channel 9 (Aus) and Management Magazine.       Tom is also the NZ Herald Business, Careers and Employment Columnist.  His new book ‘YOU’RE HIRED – The Essential Guide to Personal Branding and Job Hunting’, was released last year in the USA, UK, Canada, Australia and NZ.  His personal development guide, the ‘1% Principle’ reached No 21 on the ‘Best Seller List’ and No. 4 on their ‘Business Books’ list in 2013.

Robyn Pearce | Getting A Grip | Time Management

For 25 years Robyn Pearce (known around the world as the Time Queen) has been sharing her experiences and knowledge about life, productivity and time management with countless clients and readers around the world. Author of nine books and thousands of articles, she regularly appears as a subject specialist on television and radio.

She learnt her subject the hard way. Through the years of raising six kids, single parenthood and then a highly successful real estate career, time management was her biggest challenge. The good news is – she won, and now shares those lessons with clients, readers and listeners in every sector around the world.
+64 275 846 348
Nick Hindson | Market Share International

Nick has spent the majority of his career designing and creating new ideas and products. Be it furniture, lighting, architecture or strategy games. He enjoys working in a team and solving problems. Nick has been involved in sales, design, project management, leadership and business development.

In 2009 when the property market slowed he developed a business board game called Market Share selling the games through The Warehouse and online. He has 64 'sponsorship' spaces on the game board including 3M, Air New Zealand, LG, AlA, Telecom, The Warehouse, Ricoh and many others.

Nick also owns 'Yellow Hat Innovation Ltd' and was contracted to Massey University as their curator of the innovation space called the Wonder Room in 2016; he also delivers the CSBM (Certificate in Small Business Management and Project Management) program at the Te Wananga O Aotearoa, Albany campus.

Nick has been a judge for the Westpac Auckland business awards, Young Enterprise Scheme, New Zealand Secondary Schools Case Competition and Enterprise in Action.

From the experience of working with some of New Zealand's great brands and launching Market Share through to designing, planning and project managing the multi-million dollar building projects Nick knows how to add value, create opportunities and get things done.
+64 9 427 4547
Michael Smyth | Approachable Lawyer

Michael Smyth is the owner of Approachable Lawyer, an online legal resource for New Zealand businesses. He is an expert in employment law, has over 20 years’ experience in legal practice, and has authored two books: Employed But Not Engaged: How to break up with your employees and hold on to the ring, and Employed But Under Fire: Strategies for dealing with a difficult boss. Michael grew up in the UK, practised law in London, and moved to New Zealand in 2001. His passion is rowing in which he competes and coaches. He says that gives him a great insight into how to manage people!
Kim Baird

Kim Baird is an inspirational speaker, award winning author (winner of the Gowor International Publishing Award 2015), transformational coach and entrepreneur. Kim has helped thousands of people to transform their lives and their businesses for the better. She has a passion for living life full out by your own rules and absolutely loves helping others to do the same; helping them to consciously create the life that they truly desire.

Her skills at transforming others have come from vast training, and her own unique experiences in life. Faced with many challenges from being born with cataracts, nearly having to declare bankruptcy on multiple occasions, and being diagnosed with serious health problems, she has discovered how to thrive in the face of adversity.

She now specialises in transforming people’s ‘Inner Game’ so that they can take not just survive but thrive and take their lives to the next level.  The Inner Game is all the internal stuff that goes on inside of us that drives and creates our external world, including our mindset, thoughts, beliefs, habits, values, desires, emotions and energy that shape our lives and can help us thrive or hold us back from creating what we truly want.