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New Zealand small to medium businesses are at the heart and soul of the country.  We build the economy, we generate jobs, we are the innovators of this amazing country at the bottom of the earth that we live in.

BUT most businesses are not thriving, they are in a constant cycle of grinding and working too hard.  Always working IN their business, rather than having the time to build, grow and work ON their business.

There are three major problems facing small to medium sized business (5 – 50 staff) today:

  1. Owners and managers attend conferences – come back to work full of great ideas and intentions; get hit with a myriad of problems; put their notes in a drawer and do what they’ve always done because they don’t have time to try anything new
  2. Take on coaches/consultants who are experts in one or two areas but who stay too long and block any other coaches for fear of losing income
  3. Are not exposed to an array of coaches/consultants so they can bring in the expertise they need for only as long as they need it

That is why we created the Big Thinking Business Forums, to help the SMEs of New Zealand to grow and thrive.

What are the Big Thinking Business Forums?

The Big Thinking Business Forums have been created as a space for owners and managers of 5 – 50 staff, to meet; discuss; learn some new things and be reminded of things they’ve always known but keep forgetting to put into practice. This is a place to work on your ‘big’ picture rather than getting bogged down in the the day to day.

Our aim is to help you grow your business – to create a space where you can listen to great presenters, but in REAL TIME create an action plan for dealing with your hot business challenges.

The forums are designed to be ‘speed learning’ spaces and even ‘speed business dating’ sessions: short presentations on a given business topic followed by ‘table’ discussions and the creation of ‘action plans’. We hold just 4 Forums per year so that the smaller/medium sized business can use the sessions as their creative/strategic planning opportunities.

Let the Big Thinking Business Forums take your business to the next level of growth

Meet The Team

The Big Thinking Business Forums have been created by a small group of highly experienced and successful business owners.  Together their knowledge and depth of experience is vast to help you succeed and thrive in your business.

Ann Andrews CSP

Founder of Big Thinking Business

Ann Andrews CSP and life member of NSANZ, trained as a work study engineer and subsequently spent 30 years working with high performing teams.

She is an international speaker; published author, creator of The Corporate Toolbox and more recently launched The Big Thinking Business Forums. She set up the forums after encountering a ‘territorial’ coach; someone who was absolutely not working in his client’s best interests.

Eugene Moreau

Eugene Moreau Coaching

Over the past 30 years Eugene has been engaged in a variety of consulting and coaching programmes in presentation skills, leadership, proposal & pitch, customer service and client engagement strategies. He has worked with Crossmark, Lumley NZ, Westpac Financial Services, Auckland University Short Courses, Fletcher Building, Ernst & Young, New Zealand Home Loans, DataCol NZ, Healthlink NZ, YMCA and BCS Group… just to name a few of NZ’s recognisable brands. He is certified as a Master Coach with the Australasian Behavioural Institute in Sydney Australia and he has coached over hundreds of senior management in developing their ‘Platform Presence’ and business speaking brand.

John Barley

Barley Insurance

John Barley has 40+ years of working in the Insurance industry specialising in commercial insurances. John has owned his own broking house since 1998 and built the business by specialising in niche markets and products such as liability insurances. We need to keep moving and adapting for the demands of the environment and cultures that we exist in. In the last five years John has created another business that focuses on preventing accidents and losses so that businesses can become more self-reliant, resilient and in control of their own destinies. Using his knowledge of risk and a passion for Health & Safety within businesses John has recognised the need for humanity to be a vital factor in the creation of business resilience and prevention of loss within business. He shares his views via the internet and articles in various business editorials.

Rosa Chow

Rosa believes that in any business, leaders are there to empower staff and happy staff can make the difference. On-going education maintains the momentum to personal and business growth. Rosa has 13 years’ outstanding record tutoring business and money management. Her nursing background has provided her with a rich experience in education and management while her extensive involvement in community work has given her solid understanding of organizations, business practice and resources. Fluent in English, Cantonese and Mandarin, Rosa is very comfortable establishing rapport with people of diverse cultures and business positions and is an excellent business training resource.

Clare Feeney

The Sustainability Strategist

Clare Feeney is The Sustainability Strategist. She helps businesses and governments solve environmental problems through targeted training programs. She is a published author and professional speaker and trainer, and her book is called How to Change the World – a practical guide to successful environmental training programs. Clare has 30 years’ experience in environmental management and training for sustainability. She has a first class masters in physical geography from Auckland University, and lectured there for two years after graduating.

Andrew Baird

Amazing Business

Andrew Baird is a Business Trainer, International Speaker and Best Selling International Author who has been involved in businesses since 1998, taking him from his home in Auckland through Australia and the US, including Wall Street in New York where he worked with start-ups during the DotCom Boom and Bust of 2000. Growing businesses from nothing to millions in turnover and creating many profitable exits he loves helping business owners transform what’s possible for them. From Baby Boomers getting ready to sell their business for the maximum price through to Gen Y’s struggling in their first business, Andrew loves getting stuck in and sharing what works from his personal experiences.

Kim Baird

Amazing Business

Kim Baird is an inspirational speaker, award winning author (winner of the Gowor International Publishing Award 2015), transformational coach and entrepreneur. Kim has helped thousands of people to transform their lives and their businesses for the better. She has a passion for living life full out by your own rules and absolutely loves helping others to do the same; helping them to consciously create the life that they truly desire. Her skills at transforming others have come from vast training, and her own unique experiences in life. Faced with many challenges from being born with cataracts, nearly having to declare bankruptcy on multiple occasions, and being diagnosed with serious health problems, she has discovered how to thrive in the face of adversity.

Terry Newson

EC Credit Control

The real deal, a history of small to medium businesses owners extending 30 years, covering a wide range of industry, retail, horticulture, security, property development and business management. Terry has his own battle scars as well as triumphs from years of business ownership. Terry has learnt to listen to owners needs and tailor packages to not only solve the current issues but prevent repeats, at the same time respecting budgetary considerations. He can assist businesses anywhere in New Zealand or Australia, when necessary he can call on his extensive network of like-minded professionals to assist. Terry’s honest open approach continues to benefit business owners enlisting his services around Credit Control, employment, formal and subcontract agreements.

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