What are the Big Thinking Business Forums?

The Big Thinking Business Forums are a series of half day gatherings designed to help YOU and your managers fast-track your business growth; to take it to the next level.

The forums have been created as a space for owners and managers of 5 – 50 staff, to meet; discuss; learn some new things and be reminded of things they’ve always known but keep forgetting to put into practice. This is a place to work on your ‘big’ picture rather than getting bogged down in the the day to day.

Our aim is to help you grow your business – to create a space where you can listen to great presenters, but in REAL TIME create an action plan for dealing with your hot business challenges.

The forums are designed to be ‘speed learning’ spaces and even ‘speed business dating’ sessions: short presentations on a given business topic followed by ‘table’ discussions and the creation of ‘action plans’. We hold just 4 Forums per year so that the smaller/medium sized business can use the sessions as their creative/strategic planning opportunities.

SMEs in New Zealand Matter

… and need help!

SMEs in NZ

97 per cent of all Kiwi businesses are SMEs

Business Failure

Over a quarter of all new businesses fail within the first three years of being in business

SMEs contribute to GDP

SMEs contribute to 58% of New Zealand’s GDP

When Was The Last Time You Worked
ON Your Business Instead of IN It?

New Zealand small to medium businesses are at the heart and soul of the country.  We build the economy, we generate jobs, we are the innovators of this amazing country at the bottom of the earth that we live in.

BUT most businesses are not thriving and growing to their full potential, they are in a constant cycle of grinding and working too hard.  Always working IN their business, rather than having the time to build, grow and work ON their business.

Taking time out of your daily schedule to learn, grow and do some strategic planning is vital for every business.  The Big Thinking Business Forums are designed for exactly that!  Unlike other “trainings” that leave you with no results or real change, these forums are created with action and change in mind.  You will discover new strategies and tools to help you, then create a plan to make the changes that you want, and finally go out and take action to make it happen.  On top of that, we give you accountability by following up after a few weeks to see how you are getting on.

Our Next Forum is Coming Up

Come join us for ‘Going From Good to Great & Beyond’

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